Our QuantAPI component is built to expose an OpenAPI REST interface to QuantLib. You can see the human-readable version of the documentation here.

This creates a stateless, RESTful, standard complient interface which is loosely coupled with underlying implementation and is fully data-centric. Compared to using QuantLib from C++, C# or Python, this allows more easy interoperation from many different components, easy integration with databases and easy interpretability.

The OpenAPI specification can be automatically parsed by other tool to make the use of the interface far easier. Here we show how retool can be used to consume this API and build a simple GUI to calculate the year fraction in 2 minutes!

Demo Video As MP4

Video on LinkedIn

This simple application can calculate all the main year fraction conventions such as:

  • Actual/360
  • Actual/364
  • Actual/365 Fixed
  • Thirty/360
  • Thirty/365
  • Actual/Actual
  • Business/252

You can see the function documentation at: calcYearFract

Screen capture
Screen capture